Making a claim for a bus accident

Making a claim for a bus accident

Bus crashes rarely occur but when they do, they can potentially cause serious personal injuries. Due to the vehicle’s size and the number of passengers on-board, bus accidents can be catastrophic and traumatic. If you were injured in a bus accident – as a passenger or other road user – you may be eligible to make a claim against the bus company.

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What should I do after a bus accident?

If anyone is injured, call the emergency services. It is important to make seeking medical help a priority. If your injuries are minor and you’ve received medical attention, you can then document details of the event.

What information should I collect?

  • Name of the driver involved
  • Details of other passengers
  • Details of emergency service staff
  • Date and time
  • Weather conditions
  • Vehicle registration

Noting these details can help a future claim, but safety is a priority. If you aggravate your injury documenting the scene, your own lack of care could affect your claim.

After serious accidents, Gardaí will investigate and pinpoint the negligent party.

Who is liable?

If the bus driver is responsible for the incident, the bus company in charge of the route is liable. If the driver of another vehicle caused the crash, they are liable.

Types of injuries

The most common injury seen in bus accident claims is whiplash. But others include:

Passengers can also make a claim if they obtain one of these injuries due to:

  • Poor or erratic driving
  • The bus’s position while debarking

Submitting bus accident claims

As every case is different, each one is assessed individually and includes:

  • Submitting a claim to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board outlining injuries and costs related to them
  • The board will recommend a compensation amount
  • The claimant can accept or reject this. If both the claimant and the bus insurance company are happy with the figure, the process ends here
  • If either party rejects it, legal proceedings are issued against the bus company
  • Before reaching court, direct negotiations with the insurance company often occur and the case can be settled
  • If no agreement is reached, a judge will decide the outcome during a court hearing

Getting legal assistance

It is important to consult a solicitor throughout the claim process to ensure you receive fair compensation. Damages should include compensation for any pain, suffering or psychological trauma caused, as well as expenses incurred through loss of earnings, medical fees and future costs.

If you accept an offer of compensation which isn’t large enough to cover the long-term costs of your injuries, you can’t make any further claims. Speaking with a solicitor specialising in bus accident claims can help you determine if an offer or settlement is suitable.Contact Ferrys Solicitors LLP Personal Injury and Accident Solicitors today.

The Ferrys Personal Injury Team
The Ferrys Personal Injury Team

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