Making a Personal Injury Claim

At Ferrys Solicitors LLP Personal Injury and Accident Solicitors, we make the process of dealing with your claim as smooth as possible for you. We initially aim to settle your claim, or help you though the Injuries Board, before moving to the courts.

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    How the Claims Process Works

    1. We take the details of your case

    When you call to us for the first time, we take all the details of your case. We then advise you on whether you have a case or not and how we should proceed with your case. We enter into an agreed reasonable Fee Agreement with you so that you know exactly where you stand with us and then we can immediately arrange to take the necessary steps to advance your case.

    2. We contact witnesses and the other side/their insurers

    We contact any witnesses to get their statements and then get reports from the Gardaí, doctors, hospital and anyone else who was involved with your case. Then we make contact with the other side or their Insurers. We will keep you advised of the costs of getting any reports so you will know what if any deductions from your settlement or award will arise for these outlays.

    3. We try and settle the case with the other side/their insurer

    Once we have obtained the necessary medical reports and have a complete picture of your injuries, we are then free to try and settle the case with the other side or their Insurance Company. If you are happy with the offer we obtain from them, we can settle your case and complete the matter for you at this stage.

    We will obviously only do this if we know the complete picture with your injuries and you are happy with the outcome of our discussions with the other side and are happy to take the settlement proposed.

    4. If there is no acceptable offer, we first take your claim to the Injuries Board

    If there is no offer forthcoming from the other side or their Insurance Company or the offer that has been made is not acceptable, we then proceed to bring an application for you to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) also known as the Injuries Board. This is the Board that has been established by the Government to see if certain claims can be dealt with by way of assessment without having to go to Court. All cases therefore must go through the Injuries Board before they can go to Court. As stated we will bring the necessary Application to the Injuries Board on your behalf and deal with all matters that arise in connection with same.

    5. Your case concludes or we proceed to the courts

    If ultimately the Injuries Board makes you an Assessment that you are happy with, and the other side agree to pay it, your case can be concluded.

    If however, any of the following occurs, we can then proceed with your claim through the Courts as quickly as possible so a Judge can compensate you fully for your injuries and loss:

    • There has been no offer from the other side
    • The Injuries Board does not lead to a successful outcome because the other side are disputing liability for your accident
    • The position with your injuries is too unclear and/ or you are not happy with the amount the Injuries Board assessed
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