Supermarket accident claims

Supermarket accident claims

Slips, trips and falls in public places are among the most common types of personal injury claims, especially in large public places such as supermarkets. Supermarkets tend to have a lot of potential obstacles and large car parks where accidents can occur. If you have been injured due to a slip or fall in a supermarket that was not your fault, you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim.

Who is liable for my supermarket accident?

The owner, manager or employees of a supermarket have a duty of care to take all possible steps to prevent injury to their patrons. This can include fixing hazards, removing obstacles or warning customers of any potential hazards, such as a sign warning of a slippery floor where a spillage has occurred.

However, they are not liable for an injury that was your fault or was the fault of a third party. For example, the supermarket will not be liable if:

  • You ignored any clear warnings they gave about a hazard
  • You were trespassing
  • You were acting carelessly
  • The hazard or obstacle did not exist long enough for the supermarket team to have time to become aware of and deal with it

What are the common causes of falls in supermarkets?

The most common causes of personal injury in supermarkets, include:

  • Objects falling from shelves
  • Slips, trips and falls due to obstacles or slippery floors
  • Pavements around the supermarket that were not deiced in the winter
  • Spillages
  • Faulty products, equipment, doors, etc
  • Uneven surfaces, floors or cracked pavements
  • Staff negligence

What should I do after my supermarket fall?

When you are injured in a supermarket, you should follow these steps:

  • Report the accident to supermarket staff
  • Record the accident and your injuries by taking pictures on phone and requesting CCTV footage where possible
  • Request the supermarket staff or management to record the accident
  • Take the details of any witnesses to the accident, including names, phone numbers and addresses
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you have been injured
  • Keep a record of all medical expenses and procedures
  • Speak to one of our personal injury solicitors

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