What should I look for in a personal injury solicitor

What should I look for in a personal injury solicitor Ferrys Personal Injury Accident Solicitors Dublin

What should I look for in a personal injury solicitor

It’s important to have a personal injury solicitor who has prior experience in claims of your area. The field of personal injury is incredibly diverse, and an experienced solictor will help you navigate the challenges of your claim.

Unlike the Personal Injuries Assessment Board, the defendant’s solicitors or insurance company, Ferrys Personal Injury Accident Solicitors will always work to ensure that your best interests are represented and to help you receive the best compensation for your injuries. Your personal injury solicitor will help you settle your case by dealing with the other parties on your behalf, or if required, will help progress your claim through the Irish courts.

Types of Personal Injury

There are many types of personal injury, such as trips and falls, road traffic accidents and workplace injuries. Many of these require expert knowledge of that area of law to get you the best possible settlement. We have detailed some of these areas below.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

These types of claims can be hugely varied, from car crashes, bike crashes, claims for whiplash or neck pain, to hit and run accidents. One of our road traffic accident solicitors will help you with what to do next, how to claim against another driver’s insurance company or reach a settlement, how to accurately assess your injuries and damages and even how to claim against an uninsured driver. Our solicitors can help you recover medical expenses, loss of income and the cost of repairs to your car.

Medical Negligence Claims

Dealing with Medical Negligence claims can be very stressful for you and your family and be difficult to prove in court. The test for establishing negligence in diagnosis or treatment on the part of a medical practitioner is whether he or she is proven guilty of such failure as no medical practitioner of equal specialist or general status and skill would be guilty of if acting with ordinary care. Our medical negligence solicitors will help you gather all necessary medical records and obtain a report from a qualified medical expert. Your medical negligence solicitor will then consult with their panel of legal medical experts and barristers to determine if both causation and liability can be proven.

Workplace Accident Claims and Workplace Bullying Claims

Your employer has a strict legal duty to provide you with a safe working environment, proper safety gear and training. If your employer has fallen short of this and you have received an injury that was not your fault or been the victim of bullying at work our workplace injury solicitors can help you deal with your employers. Your solicitor will help determine if your contract or union agreement should provide for cover while injured or if your employer was negligent as well as what to do after the injury. A workplace accident solicitor can also help ensure your working environment remains civil during your claim.

Your personal injury solicitor can also help you with areas such as:

The Ferrys Personal Injury Team
The Ferrys Personal Injury Team

Ferrys Solicitors LLP are leading Personal Injury Solicitors and can help you process your Accident Claim. If you have been in an accident or had a personal injury and wish to make a claim, or just need more information you can contact our Personal Injury Solicitors today.