Nerve damage injury claim

Nerve damage injury claim

Nerves control every sensation in the body and, when damaged, they can cause severe pain and even disability. Nerves can be damaged through pressure, stretching or cutting which can occur as a result of surgery. If you are suffering from nerve damage due to the negligence of a hospital employee who owed you a legal duty of care, you may be eligible to make a nerve damage injury claim.

What is nerve injury?

Nerve injury describes any injury to your body’s nervous tissue. This can come in many forms and occur throughout the body. Some sufferers may feel a stabbing pain in the middle of the night, while others might endure a chronic prickling or tingling sensation throughout the day.

Symptoms of nerve injury

Nerve injuries can decrease or increase the sensitivity of your nerves. For this reason, people will feel its effects in different ways. If sensitivity is reduced, you may feel numbness. If it is increased, you can feel pain. Nerve damage injuries can also reduce a person’s mobility and lead to issues with movement.

Some of the symptoms of nerve injury include:

  • Numbness
  • Chronic pain
  • Surges of pain
  • Pins and needles
  • Hot, cold or tingling sensations
  • Burning sensations

How do nerve damage injuries occur?

Nerve damage can occur through sports injuries, trauma, injections, surgery or systemic diseases like diabetes.

In a hospital setting where negligence can occur, some of the most common injuries are:

  • Nerve damage caused when taking blood
  • Nerves severed during surgery, such as knee or hip replacements
  • Nerve damage caused by incorrect positioning of the body during surgery
  • Incorrect administration of anti-blood clotting drugs
  • Nerve damage caused by oxygen starvation from insufficient blood supplies
  • Exposed nerves when teeth are damaged during surgery
  • Injury to a baby’s brachial plexus during childbirth

Can I make a nerve damage injury claim?

Unfortunately, there are no cures for nerve injuries. Though symptoms can ease over time and treatments are available to manage pain. So, whether you suffering incessantly or occasionally, it is worth considering a nerve damage injury claim.

You can only make a nerve damage injury claim where someone else is to blame. If you come home after hospital treatment with a nerve injury, this may have been caused by the improper use of needles by medical staff or the inadequate use of equipment during surgery. However, in certain medical situations, sometimes these injuries can be unavoidable and are not always caused by negligence.

How to make a nerve damage injury claim

Proving negligence in nerve damage injury claims can be difficult. It is necessary to prove carelessness or a lack of skill to deem a medical professional liable for the injury you sustained. For this reason, it is important to contact a solicitor for advice.

If you believe you or a family member have suffered nerve damage due to an accident or surgery, get in touch with one of our experienced personal injury solicitors today. Ferrys Solicitors LLP Dublin will ensure you receive fair compensation.

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