Incorrect medication claim

Incorrect medication claim

If you have suffered as a result of taking incorrect medication because of the negligence of a third party, you may want to make an incorrect medication claim. When attending the GP, the hospital or our local pharmacy, we trust the ability of medical professionals. They always do their best to help, but sometimes they make mistakes.

We take medicine as directed believing it will improve a condition or make us better. But if you receive the incorrect medication or dosage, this can impact on your health and exacerbate the illness that was supposed to be treated. It’s always wise to check the medicine you receive from the pharmacy matches your prescription.

What can lead to an incorrect medication claim?

Most often, an incorrect medication claim will arise when either:

  • A doctor prescribes incorrect medication or dosages causing health issues in the patient
  • Or a pharmacist erroneously fills a prescription causing health issues

Sometimes an incorrect prescription claim may also arise when nursing staff administer the incorrect medicine or dosage. These are all considered forms of medical negligence.

What can go wrong?

Ireland’s State Claims Agency examined records from 2010 to 2014 and discovered the most frequent clinical incidents were related to medicine. One of the most common mistakes involves administering or prescribing incorrect medicine or dosages. This may happen because:

  • A doctor misdiagnosed a patient and prescribes the incorrect medication
  • A doctor has incorrect or outdated knowledge
  • Medications react with each other causing harm – doctors should check medical history
  • Incorrect dosages are prescribed or administered
  • A patient may be allergic to medication – doctors should check medical history
  • Medication is poorly or incorrectly labelled
  • A mistake is made while writing the script
  • Patients medications are mixed up
  • A child is given adult dosages
  • An error in diluting drugs

If you received incorrect medication, which harmed your health or made an illness worse, you may want to make an incorrect medication claim.

The process of pursuing an incorrect prescription claim

Because medical negligence is a complex area of law, the Personal Injuries Assessment Board won’t assess these cases. Instead, you should consult a solicitor.

When making an incorrect medication claim, it is important to figure out how the accident came about and exactly who is to blame. To prove the negligence of a doctor, nurse or pharmacist who owed you a duty of care caused your injury, your solicitor will give your medical records to an independent expert. They will establish if you have a case, who was at fault and assess the extent of your injuries.

Next, a letter of claim is sent to the liable medical practitioner outlining the case and inviting them to make a settlement. This will force the HSE, or whatever private body is concerned, to investigate the incident. Once this investigation is complete, you can continue forward with your incorrect medication claim.

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