How to complete Form A

How to complete Form A

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) allows people to make personal injury claims without attending court. To do this you will need to submit a completed Form A. This method of seeking compensation can be used for claims involving workplace injuries and traffic accidents. Though it doesn’t cover medical negligence and dental negligence claims. If you’re submitting a claim to PIAB, here’s our guide on how to complete the Form A.

The Form A process

PIAB assesses each case individually. Once you have submitted the Form A, the respondent – the person or entity you claim is liable for your injury – has 90 days to agree to the process. If they consent, the PIAB will reach a decision in nine months.

At this point, the Board will suggest the amount of compensation the claimant should receive. A personal injury solicitor can help assess if the offer is adequate. If both the claimant and the respondent accept this recommendation, the process ends.

If either party rejects it, legal proceedings are issued. The claim will then be settled through negotiations or a court hearing.

Filling in Form A

It costs €45 to submit a Form A and, in most cases, this must be done within two years of receiving your injury.

Here are the sections of the four-page form:

  • Type of claim – motor, work or other
  • Your personal details
  • The detail of the respondent or respondents
  • Details of the injury/claim
  • Details of previous injuries
  • Special damages


Fill in the details of the person or company you blame for your injury. If it is a business, make sure to use its official, registered name and address. Naming respondents can be tricky as it’s not always clear who is responsible for an injury. For example, the path you fell on may be on the boundary of two councils, or the driver responsible might have fled the scene.

Injury claim details

Explain how the injury affected you and describe any symptoms it caused. Only state the facts as any exaggerated or false accounts will affect your claim if it ends up in court. You’ll also need to attach a medical report.

Once the respondent has agreed to the Form A process, PIAB assumes liability is admitted so there’s no need to include too many details about the accident itself.

Previous injuries

Be honest here and disclose any conditions you suffered five years previous to the accident. Omitting information – even if it seems irrelevant – could hurt your claim if it goes to court.


This section requires details of your medical expenses and loss of earnings. You’ll need to attach proof and make sure to note any ongoing costs.

Unsure how to complete the Form A?

PIAB has simplified personal injury claims, but filling in the form and assessing compensation offers can still be difficult.  If you’ve suffered an injury and want to make a claim to PIAB, get in touch with one of our experienced personal injury solicitors today.

The Ferrys Personal Injury Team
The Ferrys Personal Injury Team

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