€35,000 damages awarded to schoolboy in Personal Injury settlement

€35,000 damages awarded to schoolboy in Personal Injury settlement

Ferry Solicitors recently represented  a 13-year old schoolboy who was awarded €35,000 damages in settlement against his school after receiving a personal injury with resulting ongoing suffering.

The schoolboy, from Finglas South, Dublin, was represented by Geraldine Scully of of Ferrys Solicitors LLP when his case was heard before Judge Raymond Groarke in the Circuit Civil Court.

Personal Injury and Suffering

The schoolboy was 11 years old when he suffered a severe crush injury to the top of his left ring finger.

He had been examining a piece of gym equipment at the school during a school open day despite having been warned along with other school children not to interfere with gym equipment. He experienced the personal injury when a piece of gym equipment was dropped on his finger.

He was initially brought to Tallaght Hospital before he was transferred to Our Lady’s Hospital in Crumlin to receive surgery under general anaesthetic. At later dates he underwent two further operations, one by a plastic surgeon.

The court was told that the schoolboy suffered an obvious deformity, visible at conversational distance and he still suffered some altered sensation and cold sensitivity.


Initial Settlement Offer

The schoolboy had been offered an initial settlement of €27,500 by the board of Management of Pobalscoil Iosolde/Palmerstown Community School, Co Dublin. His legal team considered this settlement offer insufficient.

The court case was adjourned to allow further negotiations with the Dublin school authorities over the Personal Injury claim. The Board of Management then increased their offer to €35,000 which barrister Ivan Daly BL, instructed by Ferrys Solicitors LLP, recommended to the court.

Factors affecting the compensation awarded to the schoolboy included his age, severity of his injury and the ongoing nature of his suffering.

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See the original article published in the Irish Independent here.

The Ferrys Personal Injury Team
The Ferrys Personal Injury Team

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