Compensation for leg or foot amputations

Compensation for leg or foot amputations

Complete or partial amputation of a limb is amongst the most severe personal injury you can receive. These injuries may result in lifelong disability and disfigurement, phantom limb pains and/or stump revision.  You may be able to claim for compensation if another party is found to be a least partially liable for your injury.

What is leg amputation?

Leg amputation is the surgical removal of any or all parts of the leg, including the pelvis. Leg or foot amputations usually occur after severe traumatic events such as a car crash or industrial accident. Some leg amputations may occur due to medical negligence, in which case the medical practitioner, hospital or medical authority may be liable.

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Leg amputations that occur due to medical conditions may not be liable for compensation unless the medical conditions arise due to the negligent acts or omissions of some party.

How much compensation will I receive for my amputation?

When estimating the likely compensation amount there are several factors that need to be considered, such factors would include whether the injury was:

  • above or below knee
  • above or below ankle
  • dominant foot
  • effect on appearance
  • use of prosthetic
  • age
  • damage to potential earnings

An individual who has lost a limb will face serious impacts on their quality of life. The individual may face loss of mobility, and may struggle with everyday tasks. There may also be extensive medical expenses, with multiple surgeries and costly prosthetics.

Loss of earnings are also a huge consideration when an individual has experienced a leg amputation. Due to changes in mobility, a person may not be able to perform their job to the same standard and so may need to change role or career. For this reason, the age of the individual is also very significant.

As each case is unique, a detailed consultation and medical evaluation may be necessary to estimate how much compensation can be awarded in any injury compensation claim.

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