Building site accident claims

Building site accident claims

Building sites have the highest rate of injuries among workplaces. If you have sustained an injury because your employer neglected their duty of care, then you might be eligible to make a building site accident claim.

Is my employer liable?

By their nature, building sites pose many dangers. Employers have a responsibility to adhere to Health and Safety legislation. An employer’s duty of care is to ensure that where possible all reasonable precautions have been taken to avoid injuries on site. It is also important for employees to abide by the safety instructions provided by management.

Responsibilities of employers with staff on building sites

  • Provide adequate training, such as manual handling and Safe Pass
  • Provide a safe environment
  • Provide protective safety equipment
  • Store equipment safely to avoid falling objects
  • Maintain machinery
  • Prevent falls for those working at a height
  • Identify hazards

Proving liability in workplace accidents isn’t always straightforward but if your employer has breached any of these obligations, you may be entitled to compensation.

Common accidents which can lead to building site accident claims

  • Injuries caused by lifting or handling awkward loads
  • Slips or falls on uneven, slippery surfaces where no warning is given
  • Falls from unsecured ladders, roofs, scaffolding or other heights
  • Accidents involving defective machinery or equipment
  • Injuries caused by falling structures or objects
  • Back injury caused by lack of training
  • Occupational deafness from excessive noise or ototoxic chemicals

What should I do after a building site accident?

Get medical attention

If you are injured, seek medical help immediately. Those who don’t can risk exacerbating their injuries, which can work against them when making building site accident claims.

Report the incident

Even if the accident seems minor, make sure to report it to a foreman or manager as soon as possible. By law, building site accidents in which someone is injured and cannot resume normal work for more than three days must be reported to the Health and Safety Authority. If this situation arises, make sure to complete the HSA’s Accident Record Form.

Document the incident

Documenting details about the accident will help if you decide to make a claim. Record:

  • How the accident occurred
  • Who witnessed it
  • The date and time
  • Take photos of the scene
  • Medical reports
  • Medical bills or proof of other expenses incurred

Contact a solicitor

If you have been injured on a building site and believe your employer was negligent, a personal injury solicitor can advise you on your case.

They can help you gather documents and submit your claim to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. They will then advise you on whether to accept the Board’s recommendation or take your employer to court, ensuring you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

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