Accident and emergency claims

Accident and emergency claims

In urgent cases of injury or illness, it may be necessary to attend a hospital’s accident and emergency department. Although services can be under pressure because of issues like overcrowding or staff shortages, staff still owe patients a duty of care. Patients should expect competent and professional treatment. However, with emergency services under such pressure, it’s no shock that 15% of medical negligence cases occur here.

If you are suffering because of the negligence of someone who owed you a duty of care, you may be eligible to make a claim. Speak to one of our personal injury solicitors in Dublin dealing with accident and emergency claims today.

What can lead to accident and emergency claims?

When attending A&E, patients can expect an initial assessment to determine the urgency of their condition – and if necessary, consultants will prioritise them. Patients can then expect their condition to be assessed and treated properly. However, sometimes the care provided can fall short and lead to further injury or harm.

Many errors can occur while receiving treatment in A&E. Most commonly, patients experience misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose injuries or ailments, such as fractures, acute conditions or symptoms of serious illness.

Those responsible for your care can make a wide range of mistakes which can count as medical negligence, such as:

  • Overlooking a serious problem during assessment
  • Providing the wrong treatment
  • Administering an incorrect drug dosage
  • Using a medication you’re allergic to
  • Failing to explain treatments and their side effects
  • Not ordering necessary tests
  • Not referring someone to the x-ray department
  • Incorrect reading of a scan or test
  • Failing to treat symptoms while awaiting test results
  • Not acquiring a specialist’s knowledge
  • Providing treatment too slowly
  • Discharging patients prematurely

When can accident and emergency claims be taken?

To make a claim you need to show:

  • The error was caused by carelessness or a lack of skill on behalf of medical staff
  • The error caused you harm or injury, perhaps due to a worsened condition or a decreased chance of recovery

You can make a claim two years from the date of the accident. Although, if medical negligence is discovered later on, you may be able to make a claim two years from this date.

Accident and emergency claims often deal with large sums of money and, because proving negligence can be difficult, it is best to contact an experienced personal injury solicitor. They will assist you in court or help you reach a fair settlement beforehand.

Contact Ferrys Solicitors LLP Personal Injury and Accident Solicitors Solicitors today. Our solicitors will be able to advise you on the value of your claim.

The Ferrys Personal Injury Team
The Ferrys Personal Injury Team

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